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Social Unrest Escalates

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Well, a lot has happened since we saw the social unrest beginning amongst Berkeley students angry over budget cuts. God love the Berkeley students- always on the ball providing a real bellwether for social direction! Didn’t I tell you we’d be seeing more soon enough? Of course, I’m sure by now you’ve heard about what’s been going on in Greece. We are in the midst of a global sovereign debt crisis, and the cracks in the walls have begun to leak and spurt. I’ve been noticing quite a few folks are getting angry, as well they should be. We are still somewhat protected here in the good ol’ USA. More cushion for the pushin’, financially speaking. We’ve got a little more fat to burn… and let’s face it, we’d rather not miss the next episode of American Idol to go out and get our hair all mussed in some unsavory angry rally type of exchange. At least, I speak for myself. But we will pay the price for that. We are paying right now. The middle class will be demoted to poor, and the poor will die. I hope I’m just being dramatic. Here are some articles I’ve come across.

From: BBC News
Thousands protest over Romania austerity measures

Greek unions hold new general strike against cuts

Sarkozy Grapples With ‘Politically Unacceptable’ Cuts

From: Belfast Telegraph
Banks protesters storm Irish parliament

From: LA Times
Schwarzenegger’s budget a blow to the poor

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