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Cartoon Communism

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After Obama’s latest campaign fluffing effort – uh, I mean the jobs creation speech he delivered earlier this month – I thought it might be a good time to check out some alternative approaches to thinking about our current economic condition. In the spirit of cheap and fast book learnin,’ The Paper Boat now presents a primer in Marxist theory with this entertaining introduction to The Communist Manifesto… delivered in less than eight and a half minutes of delightful cartoon fun!

Karl Marx was a genius for his insightful and articulate observations about the cyclical nature of capitalist economics and the social perils of accumulation. I’m probably too great a fan of technology, religion, rugged individualism and the pursuit of ownership to be a good communist, but I will say the idea of giving up materialist acquisition does hold a certain Zen appeal.

Also a genius: whoever edited this little ditty I ran across on YouTube last night. Okay, perhaps not so genius was the choice of narrators for the piece – sorry, folks! (Note to the creators: why not be part of the jobs solution and hire a professional actor next time?) Still, I’m sure you’ll agree The Communist Manifesto Illustrated by Cartoons is worth a watch not only for its educational value, but for the fabulous sampling of Mid 20th Century animation design and concept work as well.

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The Communist Manifesto Illustsrated by Cartoons