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Occupy Occupy Wall Street

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There is a new group emerging amidst the throngs of the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York City.  The OCCUPY Occupy Wall Street movement is still only very small, with only two members committed to the cause at this point, but activists Davram Stiefler and Jason Selvig are not deterred.  They tell the Washington Post  they are there to represent the 1%, because “we worked hard to get where we are, and these people seem like they are trying to take it away.”  Their advice to Occupy Wall Street protesters is to stop acting like victims and “go to business school.”

So who says a little comedy can’t be injected into the revolution?  Ah, the power of performance art.  Keeps people thinking… and I’m sure the troops sleeping in that granite park could use a little entertaining about now, too.  The Paper Boat stands in solidarity with Occupy Occupy Wall Street!

Occupy Occupy Wall Street
October 5, 2011

The Washington Post National
Occupy Wall Street Protests: What Do The One Percent Think?
Elizabeth Flock
October 7, 2011

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